We started making masks per your requests and have been upgrading the features consistently using your personal requests. It has been an honor to assist and contribute in such hard times and It wouldn't be possible without you.

Heres a timeline to the progress we have achieved together:

First Mask Drop - Mixed color masks
March 26th - April 5th
Started using our in-house resources to create affordable masks. We used fabric that was dedicated to the production of shirts for these, 100% cotton. All were mixed colors so we apologize if you received a strange color combination :) 

Second Mask Drop - All Black Masks
April 6th - April 12th
We finally received our material dedicated specifically for masks. We stopped with the mixed colors and ensured all masks were solid black!

Third Mask Drop - Added Filter Pocket Masks + Adjustable strap
April 13th - April 19th
We received many requests to add filter pockets to personalized orders, so we made filter pocket masks an option as well on the site. Many were asking if they were adjustable, so we added adjustable straps! Appreciate all the feedback!

Fourth Mask Drop - Kids sizes + Design Masks
April 20th - May 7th
Many personalized orders were requesting kids sizes, so we made these available on the site! We also added some flavor with our first series of design masks to provide more options to all of you.

Fifth Mask Drop - More Designs + New Mask Model
May 8th
Many were asking if they could be made with a nose wire and a bit more fitted to the face, so we added these as an option on the site! All requests are very much appreciated!

All Masks are Ready to Ship, our team has improved greatly. Still made for you, in Dallas Tx USA.


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Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson