Tabbu World


Tabbu Attire was created by Erick Frausto in 2015 with the intentions of creating a unique comfortable tee to match his sneakers. Heavily influenced by fashion and music throughout his childhood, he admired the mindset of artists and fashion icons when it came to living on your own terms and outside of the box by creating the world you desire without minding the criticism of what other people say or think. Hence the name chosen: “Tabbu” Attire with a few changes to the spelling.



1. a social or religious custom prohibiting or forbidding discussion of a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing.

2. prohibited or restricted by social custom.


Admirer of all genres, he leaned more towards Hip Hop/Rap. The lyrics of the tracks always caught his attention serving as motivation and the unique diverse beats set different vibes and remained in his life during his growth. As a kid and throughout his teenage years, he worked with his father at the family owned Electronics Shops where he constantly repaired electronic equipment and installed multimedia systems in vehicles where his main goal was to make the music sound as nice and crisp as possible to ensure customer satisfaction. “Hip Hop and Rap tracks always sounded amazing due to their deep bass sound levels. It got to the point where I would select my favorite tracks depending on how the bass sounded in my car” -Erick Frausto. After receiving some great feedback on his personal garment creations, he decided to create a small run to fulfill some requests which was quickly adopted by several of his favorite artists he used to listen to while growing up as well as others. This boosted his passion to create garments in a serious manner where the whole design process shifted completely. It went from purchasing simple blank tees and adding graphics, to creating all garments from scratch in the in-house manufacturing studio developed throughout the years to allow full control on every single aspect of the design/production process to create every piece to expectations.

Up to this day every single garment is still created in the in-house manufacturing studio carefully selecting and designing all materials to ensure that none of the garments put aside one of the most important factors in clothing-Comfort at all times. 

We courteously invite you to view our designs and creations from our perspectives as we give clothing a twist with our creativity. We are firm believers that each and every one of us can create the world we desire, it’s all about how much we really want it. The natural cork inserts that are hand sewn to each garment make each piece unique and one of a kind while at the same time allow us to contribute in the preservation of Cork Tree forests worldwide. All of our garments are designed and created in the United States from worldwide materials.

It all has a process-Natural Cork Inserts 

The extraction of the cork does NOT harm the tree. Our tags, straps, and inserts are made out of 100% natural cork. Due to the natural texture of this material, each tag has its own unique pattern that can never be replicated making each piece one of a kind. The use of Cork is considered environmentally friendly because no tree is ever cut down to obtain the cork. It is only stripped off carefully from its outer layer. Once the layer is stripped off, the tree immediately begins to work on forming new layers of cork and restores its barriers.



Tabbu Attire Garments supported by:

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson in the Peach Elephant Tee




Drummaboy in the Premium Vest





Lil Ronny Motha F in the Lion Shield Tee




Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson in the Adapt & Retaliate Tee





Yandel in the Elephant Head Hoodie




   Z3N in the 47 B Wing Tee




Lil Ronny Motha F in the B Wing Tee




Thompson in the Oversized Elephant Head Tee




Z3N in the Create Your world Tee




Arcangel in the Trunk Insert Tee




Skillz in the Black Elephant Tee 





J Kruz in the Elephant Head Hoodie




Lil Zac the DJ in the Camo B Wing Tee




Lil Ronny Motha F in the Create Your World Tee




Skillz in the Create Your World Tee




XO in the 47 B Wing Tee




Lil Zac the DJ in the 47 B Wing Tee




Lil Ronny Motha F in the Peace of Mind Tee




Yung Al in the Elephant Head Tee





Eazyboi in the No Matter What Tee




Skillz in the Elephant Head Tee




J Kruz in the Proportion Tee




Lil Ronny Motha F in the Camo B Link Tee




Yung Al in the Focu$$ed Few Social Crew Tee




Arcangel in the Elephant Head Tee




Skillz in the Create Your World Hoodie




Lil Ronny Motha F in the Lion Shield Tee




Fat Pimp in the Focu$$ed Few Social Crew Tee